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Quality Policy

Corporate Principles

METRO Cash & Carry Hungary is an international wholesale company focused on sustainable, profitable growth. We centre our business activities on the customers and their demands, and we continuously adapt our sales concepts to meet their changing needs and be the preferred wholesaler for our customers, as well as a preferred partner for our shareholders, employees and for the communities in which we operate. This orientation towards all stakeholders is based on a deep understanding of national and international markets and their participants in the light of protecting the environment and its sources. Transparency and credibility are key components of our corporate culture with tolerance, respect and openness to different cultures.

Purpose and Scope

This document aims to define the key principles and responsibilities in the area of Quality Assurance within the frame of the Corporate Principles. This Policy applies not only to the central management of the company but also to the individual wholesale centres.


The METRO Cash & Carry Hungary intends to be the preferred partner for our professional customers, by providing the assortment of products and services that meets their needs. This at the highest standards of quality and value in each price segment by applying internationally recognized quality and safety standards, while respecting responsible requirements of social, ethical and environmental sustainability.
We continually and systematically strive to improve our systems and performance in these areas, and be in the forefront of international developments.

We will manage these responsibilities through four key elements:

  1. setting and maintaining the appropriate policies and standards,
  2. dedicating the required resources for implementation,
  3. regular auditing and reporting of our status and performance to responsible management, and
  4. an incident management system.


The Board of METRO Cash & Carry Hungary is responsible for development and observance of the Quality Policy. The Quality Assurance Department of METRO Cash & Carry Hungary is responsible for implementation of the Quality Policy, including but not limited to the following tasks:
  • Develop and maintain the Quality Policy, general principles and procedures of METRO Cash & Carry Hungary as well as an overall Quality Management documentation system. The complete set shall be applicable to all processes along the supply chain (supplier, product and wholesale store related).
  • Communicate, train and manage implementation of all instructions and procedures
  • Communicate and manage internal audits of all instructions and procedures
  • Assure definition, quality and legal status of all own brand products
  • Develop and drive an effective Incident Management system, support and coordinate the management of issues and incidents.
  • Seek to understand the continuously evolving implied and stated needs of our customers and other relevant stakeholders and continually improve our ability to develop and deliver products and services that meet their needs.

Budaörs, 01 October 2015

Imre Horváth
Managing Director