METRO Gourmet Card

Shop like professionals  and choose from our high-quality products!

FURTHERMORE you can apply for our metro gourmet card easily. So you can take your METRO Gourmet card with you at any time. It will always be ready at hand when you visit our METRO stores.


How can You apply for our METRO Gourmet Card?

Register in one of our stores at the Customer Service by providing your personal data (name, address, contact details) and show one of your personal identification document (identity card, passport, card license) to our colleagues at our Customer Service and your address card.

We will prepare your METRO Gourmet Card in a few minutes.


Requiring our METRO Gourmet Card is free of charge.

Our stores await You every day.


The exact opening hours of our stores find you here!

Why is it worth to require our METRO Gourmet Card?

  • Comfortable - You don't need to visit our website for Open Days in our METRO store.
  • You can take part in our unique promotions, our prize games and our current Loyalty Program!
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